You are Peter Pepper the chef. The food in your kitchen is out of 
control and is trying to catch and destroy you! As you rush through 
your kitchen frantically building burgers, the terrible villains- 
Mr. Hotdog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg chase you relentlessly. Escape
the villains by crushing them with burger layers or stunning them 
with pepper. Make your burgers and go on to the next challenge!

With BurgerTime, you can:

*Move Chef Peter Pepper through six different mazes

*Enjoy lively graphics that feature a chef who walks and climbs 

*Experience new challenges as your skills improve 

*Play with Joystick Controllers or keyboard control

REVIEW: Grade A-: Before a chef could have a “Food Fight”, he first had to survive against the food in “Burgertime”. As chef Peter Pepper, your mission is to avoid the deadly-to-the-touch food villains, the relentless Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg & Mr. Pickle, and make all the burgers in each kitchen maze. There are 4 plates at the bottom of the screen waiting for you to drop all the burger parts downward. The bun, topping, burger and bun are all lined up vertically in order – you just have to walk over them entirely to drop them down 1 level at a time. As parts are dropping, any parts directly below will get bounced down to the next level and so on. When you complete all burgers, you move on to the next round. Your best defense is a good offense whereby you drop the parts down when the villains are either on or below them. The villains are shaken up or smashed into the burger, but in short order are replaced by another of their kind at the corners of the screen. Smashing them earns you bonus points and even more when multiple villains are involved. When all else fails, your final defense is to use your pepper spray, to temporarily freeze the villains. You start with a small supply of pepper, but refills are earned by collecting the limited-time-on-screen food prizes (ice cream and coffee). Ladders connect the levels and platforms connect the vertical assembly lines. There are 6 maze patterns (varying in difficulty) and also variations in toppings from round to round.

The TI continues to impress and this version makes it almost a tossup for the gold (won by the Colecovision). The Gameplay is very good (8/10) but does not offer: start level options; ability to throw pepper and move at the same time; a high score display; and no bonus pepper for completing a level. Level 2 adds a 5 layer burger, with cheese being the fifth topping. The Addictiveness is enjoyable (8/10) and fun to watch the unique activity of the villains as they can get bounced or squashed and then get up and walk again. There is still a delay before they pursuit you. The Graphics are sharp (8/10) and the Sound is pleasant (8/10), complete with a musical score. The Controls are perfect (10/10) using an Atari joystick.

Silver Medal: TI-99 (41) - Retrogaming Times Issue #60

-Alan Hewston (Writes the "Many Faces of...." for Retrogaming Times)

MANUFACTURER:  DATA EAST (Distributed by Texas Instruments)


RELEASED:  1Q/1984



Easter Egg Alert!  If you press the " * " button on the title screen, a message will pop up that says "Code Modifications by John M Phillips." John Phillips debugged this video game at TI and was famous for adding cheat modes to the games he worked on which allowed the player to select the number of lives he wanted to start with and which screen to start on. Even though Burgertime does not have a cheat mode, John Phillips did manage to let video game players know that he was involved with the development of the game by including this little message.

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Burgertime Theme Music

Loss Of Life

End Of Level


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