Sandwich/X-Salada by Taito (Brazil) 19??


Translation by Green-Yoshi (


                          The goal of the the game is to orient the cooker in the making of the
                           sandwichs, putting all the ingredients in their respective plates.
                           Orient the cooker through(using) the stick Utilize the central button
                           to throw pepper at the enemy SAUSAGE, EGG, and CUCUMBER
                           those are the name of the enemies.  They will be frozen for a while.
                           Attention, be careful with your pepper stock getting the ice creams,
                           coffee bowls or the sundaes that appear on the screen, you will always
                           have pepper stock available.
                           When you reach the points indicated on the screen, you will get extra cookers.
                           Lots of different frames with hilarious animations.
                           The game ends when all the cookers are destroyed.


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Note: Special Thanks goes out to pontifex maximus for letting us know about this cool clone.