Product Information
Product Title                  : Oretachi Geasen Zoku Burger Time (Japan Version)
Manufacturer Name(s)  : HAMSTER
Release Date                : October 27, 2005
Language                      : Japanese
Publisher                       : Hamster
Other Information         : Japanese Version                                                                                                           
SKU                             : SLPM-62695


Ah, the American culinary creation known as the hamburger. Two pieces of bread, a thick slab of greasy beef, and various condiments such as pickles, onions, tomatoes, and cheese. Once assembled, grab the hamburger with both hands, lift up to mouth, and gobble as the beef juices run down your engorged cheek.

   In the 1982 gaming classic Burger Time, players adopt the role of a chef named Peter Pepper who works his magic by creating big and beautiful burgers. Not just any burgers. Big Burgers. Run over the pieces of bun, meat, and condiments to plop them on top of each other to finally cascade to the bottom of the screen where a bottom bun awaits its fellow burger components. There is trouble in paradise however. Outraged hotdogs and eggs chase the chef, possibly because hamburger is a nutritional rival to themselves, and attempt to stop his hamburger creation. A small supply of pepper is available to chef to stop enemy food for a short while before they resume the chase. NCS recalls a Burger Time sequel that was released on the Intellivision but sadly, that is not included in this re-issue. In addition to the Burger Time game CD, a number of bonuses are included inside the DVD packaging:

1) Mini-DVD which contains video of the other games in the Oretachi Geasen games and gameplay footage of Burger Time in action.

2) Mini-CD with BGM, bleeps, bloops, and new compositions that were inspired by Burger Time.

3) Standard game instruction booklet which also includes photos of the original JAMMA kit.

4) Official Guide Book Special Edition

5) Trading card with information and artwork from the game

6) Playing rules placard that's part of the cardboard that holds the two bonus discs.


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