Game System



Screen Shots

Apple IIe

Atari 2600

Burgertime Paper Chef's Hat

Bandai Burgertime (LCD)

Upright Cabinet Pics (Bally Midway)
Texas Instruments


Mr. Wimpy - burgertime clone

Bandai Burgertime (VFD)

Upright Cabinet Pics  (DECO)

Mattel Aquarius


Burger Chase(Burgertime Clone for Commodore 64)

Dataeasy Burgertime French (LCD)

Cocktail Cabinet Pics

Commodore 64

Nintendo (N.E.S.)

MAC ATTACK(Burgertime Clone for the MSX Computer System)

Mattel Burgertime (LCD)


HP48 Calculator

Nintendo Game Boy

Sandwich (Arcade Clone)

Tandy Burgertime (LCD)

Game Manual

Alice Computer (French)

Nintendo Famicom Disk System

BurgerKill (Burgertime Clone for the MSX Computer System)

Cresta Burgertime (LCD)

Hamburger (Burgertime bootleg)

  Playstation 2 Japan Version

Magazine Ads


Super Burgertime


Burgertime Slurpee Cup


Peter Pepper's Ice Cream


Hamburger Sam(Burgertime Clone)

Bryan Wagner Burgertime World Record Holder    

Burgertime by Hudson(Remake for your Cell Phone)


Burgertime Artwork


Keith Robinson dressed as Chef Peter Pepper


Intellivision News Issue 6 (Featuring Burgertime)


Burgertime Artwork from the Artist at