04/10/04- Just to let everyone know the website is still here and going to
          be totally redone.  I am working on a new layout and design to 
          make it easier to update and also easier to navigate.  Should be
          complete in a couple weeks.  Thanks for all the loyal burgertime
          fans who still come to my site.  Sorry for the lack up updates 
          however, that should change very soon.
12/01/03- I'm still here sorry for the lack of updates, but I have tons
          of new pictures and other things to add to the website over the
          coming months.  I would like to thank everyone who has still been
          coming to the site.  We have hit as of today 40,000 visitors.
          Thanks to everyone who has made that possible.
04/15/03- Just now as I was getting ready to update I noticed it's tax
          day.  So I hope all of you get those taxes out!  Ok now to the
          important stuff...  YES i'm still alive.  I have tons of cool
          new things to add to the website like FC/Burgertime from Japan
          and Gameboy Color version also some mag scans.  I will be 
          uploading and updating the site over the next few days.  Sorry
          for the long delay between updates gonna try to update alot
          more often now.  I have alot of new ideas for the website so 
          please keep checking back over this month.  Last but not least
          thanks to all the visitors that keep checking out the website.
11/03/02- I added another new page.  Burgertime Slurpee Cup page.  This
          page can be found under the Pics menu under Misc heading.  On
          the page you will find some info and 2 pics of the cup.
09/18/02- I added a new page.  Magazine Ads to the pics menu under Misc
          heading.  On the page I put up 3 magazine ads I was able to
          find on thanks to Shamoo and his info
          on the message board.  I also added 5 more web sites to the 
          Links page.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you can think of
          any other web sites you feel should be on the page.  Please
          send me a email with the url and info on the web site.
09/17/02- I added a new page.  Hamburger to the pics menu under Arcade
          heading.  This is a Burgertime Arcade bootleg board I won off
          ebay it's very rare.  I scanned and took pics of the marquee
          and the board.
09/16/02- I added another burgertime game manual 
          Mattel Aquarius in .pdf to the download page.
09/13/02- New POLL is up.  Thanks to the 51 people who voted on the
          last POLL.  I hope we can get another good turn out like
          we did with the first one.  This new POLL's question is:
          "What is your favorite classic arcade game?".
08/26/02- I won a auction on ebay for a very Rare Burgetime arcade
          board bootleg called "Hamburger"  This came with the
          arcade board and marquee.  I will be takin a few pics and
          adding this to the web site in the next few days.
08/23/02- WOW we did it.  The site hit 25,000 visitors today.  I'm 
          so happy to see people like the site.  I hope maybe in a 
          year or so I can be typing something like this again when
          we hit 50,000!  A guy can dream right? :-)
08/13/02- I added a new page to the web site called Roms.  You can
          find this page by going to the link on the Frames menu.
          This page has info and downloads for Burgertime Related 
          arcade roms.
08/06/02- I added a new page to the Pics Menu.  C64(Commodore64)
          Burgertime with 2 pics and info.
06/19/02- I added a new page to the Pics Menu.  Sandwich it's a 
          burgertime clone of the Arcade game from Brazil.  Thanks
          to pontifex maximus for letting us know about this.
          On a side not I will be on vacation starting tomorrow for
          the next 2 weeks so there might be lot of updates or no 
          updates.  Just depends on the weather.  :-)
          Web site hit 23,000 visitors yesterday.  At this rate by
          end of summer we should be at 30,000 wow who would have
          ever thought!
06/05/02- I added a new page to the Pics Menu.  Mac Attack it's
          a burgertime clone made on the MSX computer system.
          I have a few more pics I will be adding to the page, 
          but for now there is 4 pictures on it.  I also added
          a cute little hopping hamburger on the frames menu on the
          left hand side of the web site.   Thought it looked cool
          so added it.  :-)
05/31/02- I just received in the mail a couple days ago from
          a friend in the Netherlands(goes by nick Calhoun)
          a game called MacAttack for the MSX computer
          system from 1986.  It's a very nice burgertime clone.
          I will be adding pics of it in the next few days.
05/30/02- Web site has a new Banner on the top of main page
          thanks to my friend (Superspy).
05/12/02- Well finally did it.  The web site has a new
          URL   I hope this helps
          people find the site easier.
04/20/02- I added a Poll system to the web site.
          So people can vote on different questions.
          The Poll will change every few weeks.
04/03/02- I added another burgertime game manual 
          AppleIIe in .pdf to the download page.
04/02/01- I added a few new links to the Links page.
          BurgerSpace, the church of burger time, and
          KLOV (The Killer List Of Videogame).
03/31/02- 20,000 Visitors and still going.  Today 
          was a big milestone we hit 20,000 Thanx to
          everyone who has visited this site and 
          continues to give it support.  Thanx your
          the best!!!
02/28/02- I added a new page to the pics page.  It's
          a Burgertime Clone called Burger Chase for
          the Commodore 64.  You can also download 
          off the page the game rom and tape.  There
          is also 2 screen shots and 1 pic of the
          game cover.
02/05/02- I added a new page to the download page.
          BurgerSpace it's a clone of burgertime 
          that is very well done.  It is made for
          the linux system but there is a windows
          port and I have it for download on my 
          site here.  So goto the Download page 
          and click on the BurgerSpace link to
          goto the new page I put up for it.
          Also web site hit 17,500 visitors today.
          We are getting closer to that 20,000
          mark.  :-)
02/01/02- I added to the download page 2 more
          manuals in pdf format.  Intellivision
          and Atari 2600 versions of Burgertime.
          I also redid the download page.  So it's
          easier to find stuff.
01/31/02- I added to the download page 2 manuals
          in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.  TI-99
          and NES burgertime manuals.  Both of 
          these manuals were scanned and compiled
          by me using Adobe Acrobat and my trusty
          Xerox Work Center.
01/30/02- I added a new page to pics menu.
          Burgertime flash game.  It has 5 screen
          shots of the game and also a link you
          can click to goto play the game online.
          You will need Flash v5.0 install to play.
01/29/02- I added a new sound to the sounds page.
          Lose Of Life Music wav.  I also added a 
          new page to the Sounds page.  Nokia Ring
          Tones.  This page has ring tones you can
          add to your Nokia cell phone that use the
          burgertime main theme.
01/27/02- I added to the Download page.  Breem a 
          burgertime emulator that lets you play the
          original burgertime arcade game.  I also 
          added the Burgertime Arcade romset that
          you need to use with the emulator to have
          it work.  This is the origianl burgertime 
          roms found in the Burgertime Data East 
          Arcade Machine.
01/26/02- I redid the Pics Menu page.  I added another
          column ( Handheld ).  This has pics of the 
          differant handheld versions of burgertime.
          There are 5 differant versions I have found
          and put up with pics and info.
01/25/02- I added to the Nes Pics page front and back
          scans of the burgertime nes box, also added
          scan of the front of the manual.
01/23/02- Website hit 17,000 vistors today.  Getting
          closer to that 20,000 mark! ;-)
12/11/01- Well I readded the Message Board.  The board
          had went down for a couple months, because
          of the rules that disc.server has that make you
          post atleast 1 time per month or two.
          So I will try to post if no one else posts
          anything so we don't lose the board again.
          I know alot of people seemed to like the 
          board so it's back!!!

11/20/01- 15,000 Visitors, and still Growing!!!

08/31/01- 13,000 Visitors Yes... that's right website hit
          13,000 visitors today wow I can't believe it.
          maybe by end of year we might see 20,000 ?  We
          can only dream. lol  Well other then that news 
          we have more.  I added a new page.  DECO version
          this page has pics of the original Burgertime game
          that was released first by Data East(aka DECO)
          before they sold the rights to Bally Midway.  I 
          added to this new page some screen snapshots and 
          a pic of the Program Tape that stored the game
          information on.
07/18/01- Well it's been a long long long time since I
          updated the website.  I have been busy with 
          real life.  My Wife and I had a little baby 
          girl.  So for the past 4 months things have
          been a little crazy.  Now that things are getting
          back to normal(kinda :-) I am able to get back 
          to working on this site.  I have many new pics 
          and sounds and other cool things to add to the 
          site.  So over the next few weeks I will be doing
          that.  As you might have noticed the website is
          getting close to 12,500 hits. WOW!!!  I never
          thought there was that many people who also enjoyed
          Burgertime.  Well I will stop rambling as I am sure
          I could go on all night.  So for now thanx to anyone
          who has visited the site, and No the site is not
          dead!!! it is very much still alive and will always 
          be.  So please keep your eyes out for all the cool
          new stuff I will be adding soon.  l8r ckmontana
03/13/01- Ok I kinda have allot of news for ya today
          so first my great news.  My wife and me had
          a baby girl on 03/06/01 so I have kinda been
          busy past month with getting ready for her.
          Also other big news today the site hit
          10,000 + visitors :-) wow never thought
          that many people would ever be into 
          burgertime or let alone come to my site
          thanx to everyone who has been to this 
          site or has helped me(big thanx to J.D.Lowe)
          The last little info I have to report is
          I have changed to a cable isp.  So that 
          means 2 things I have more webspace and 
          I will be able to upload bigger files or 
          host more movies nes if anyone has them or
          more mame ones :-)
          That is it for now thanx again to everyone
          for checking out my little site here!!!
02/14/01- Added a new page to the pics menu Peter
          Pepper's Ice Cream.  There are 2 pics on
          it.  The game was a Sequel of Burgertime
          made in 1984 and released by DECO.
01/20/01- Well first real update of the new year,
          and it's a nice one.  First a big thanx
          goes out to Chris from the UK for
          scanning these pics of the Mattel Aquarius
          Burgertime game.  So yes you guessed it
          the new page is under Computers in the 
          pics menu and it's the Mattel Aquarius
          page.  There is 5 pics on it for you to
12/16/00- Well today we did it... We hit 8,000 +
          hits to the website.  Thanx to everyone
          who has stopped by and hope you enjoyed
          the website.  Well getting closer to
          that 10K mark only another 2K or so to 
          go can't wait!  :-)
12/04/00- I added a Message Board to the website
          I hope everyone gets some good use out
          of it!
11/02/00- I removed the buttons on the Frames
          menu.  I have added Text links with
          a cool Rollover effect.  Now the site
          loads even quick. :-)
10/07/00- Today the site hit 6,000 Visitors!!!
          Thanx to everyone who has stopped by
          and I hope we have many more to come!
 9/14/00- Well big update tonight!  I first
          updated the Gameboy page with 6 
          screenshots of the game.  I also
          updated the Intellivision burgertime
          page with 4 new screenshots also.
          I added for download on the Atari page
          the Burgertime Game Manual.
          Other news the site hit 5,400 visitors
          today.  Hey maybe 10,000 won't be to 
          far off.  :-)
 9/07/00- Ok he did it again! :-)  J.D. Lowe
          went and made a Level 3 Avi strategy.
          Is this guy Great or what!  Well like
          the other 2 u can download this 3rd 
          one from the Strategies page.  And 
          another big thanx goes out again to
          J.D. Lowe.. please keep them coming...
 9/02/00- Well J.D. Lowe does it again!!!
          He sent me a Avi video of level 2
          stratage.  A big thanx goes out to 
          him for this new video.  Keep up 
          the great work and hope we can see 
          maybe a 3 ? 4 ? 5 ? avi video from
          him... heehe well u never know.
 8/09/00- WOW I have a great Update for you.
          First I added a new page thanx to 
          J.D. Lowe it's the Burgertime Strategies
          page.  He has let me put up a strategy
          he did for burgertime which is great!
          Second J.D. also gave me a Avi video
          of him doing the same strategy.
          This was all done using the emulator
 8/04/00- Well site has now hit 4,100 
          visitors.  I also have done some
          updating.  I updated the Intellivision
          page. I add a pick of a Prototype
          Clear Casing Burgertime Lab Cart.
 7/05/00- WOW the site hit 3,500 visitors
          gee I kinda feel teary eyed...
          heehee  Well the 3,500 visitor
          was October^ person from a 
          gaming channel I know.  So 
          congrats go out to him. :-)
 7/03/00- I added a new page.  Super
          Burgertime page.  You will 
          find pics of the Arcade game 
 6/27/00- I added a Movie clip you can
          download from a very early 
          80's TV Game show called 
          Starcade.  You can find it on
          the download page.
 6/06/00- I added another page today!
          PC Game page.  On it you will
          find a PC Burgertime game you
          can download it was made by 
          Mattel around 1982/83 also 
          there are 4 pics of the game
          to look at on the page.
          I also did some movin around 
          I put Desktop Theme and TV
          Commercial and PC Game on a
          Download page and there is a 
          new button for that page in 
          frame menu also.
 5/17/00- I added 2 more pages to the 
          site.  Sounds page and Links
 5/16/00- I added a new banner to the
          site i joined the Intellivision
 5/03/00- The Site hit 2,300 visitors
 4/28/00- I just added a new banner to 
          the site I joined the Classic
          Video Gaming Syndicate.  I also
          added the site to a few search
          engines so should be easier to 
          find. and 
 u can find it on
          more should be added soon.
 4/27/00- I added 6 pics to the Arcade 
          screen shot's page.  Of all the 
          levels for the game.
 4/25/00- I redid the Picture Menu page.
          I did it in a Table Format so
          it's allot more organized looking.
          I also found out some cool info
          that there was a Sequel of 
          Burgertime made in 1984 called
          Peter Pepper's Ice Cream
          it was a very rare game I have 
          some info on the game but as 
          soon as a I call Data East and 
          get some more info on it I will
          be posting a new page on the game
 3/29/00- I added a new page Mame Label
          for the new Mame Label I made.
 2/05/00- I added a pic of a Burgertime
          Chef's hat to the Misc Pics
          page.  I also added a pic of 
          the back of the Diner 
          Intellivision box, and put up
          a better pic of the Diner cart.
          Also put up a better scan of 
          the Diner Manual.
 1/11/00- I added to the Misc Pics page
          a pic of LCD Burgertime handle

 1/06/00- More news...
          Ok did some more work on the
          site.  I added more pics to
          the new Diner page.  I added
          pics of the game cart, the
          box, and the manual.
 1/06/00- I added a new page.  Called
          Diner.  It can be found on
          the Intellivision systems 
          pics page.  I also added
          Screenshots of the Diner 
          game and a Link to download
          the game manual.
 1/05/00- I added a webring banner to
          the bottom of the main page.
          I'm now a member of the 
          Computers, VideoGames, and
          Arcade Collector's Ring.
 1/04/00- I put up a new banner on the
          top of the site! Hope ya like
12/07/99- I redid the frames I made 
          a new Page called Pics Menu
          you click there and it takes 
          you to another page to pic
          from arcade, game system, 
          computer , or misc.  This 
          helps keep it more organized.
          I also made a banner for the
          site so if people would like
          to link to the site they can 
          use this new banner.
12/06/99- I added a new page NesFront.
          NesFront is a frontend for 
          the nes emulator Nesticle.
          NesFront is made by my good 
          friend Thunder_^ so I will be
          hosting the webpage for his
          frontend till we make another
          website for it!  Then after 
          that I will just mirror the 
          other site on here!
12/04/99- I added a new page to the 
          system pics page.  Apple IIe
          is the new page.  I also added
          to that page 9 screen shots of
          all the boards in the game.
11/29/99- I added a Scanned Pic of the
          Burgertime Arcade Manual to
          the Arcade Pics Page.
11/28/99- I added Cocktail Pics to the 
          Arcade Pics Page.
11/27/99- I added the Flyer Pics to the
          Arcade Pics Page.
11/26/99- I added 1 more pic to the 
          Intellivision Pics page.
11/25/99- Happy Thanksgiving!

11/24/99- I added Pics to the Arcade Pics
11/23/99- I added a Guest-Book to the site
          feel free to let me know what you
          think of the site!
11/20/99- I added a Counter to the site on 
          the bottom of the home page.         
11/15/99- And it begins!  Well I have been
          working on this site for a few 
          months now but I finally moved it
          to my isp server and got a new url
          for it.  

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