Miscellaneous Downloads

Windows Desktop Theme BurgerSpace (Burgertime Clone) PC Game 1983 BurgerTime TV Commercials
Burgertime Video Clip from Starcade GameShow Mame CD Label Custom Wallpaper
breem burgertime emulator MAME DVD/CD BurgerTime Covers  
Burgertime PC Game by Mattel 1982 Burgertime and Related Romsets  



Burgertime Game Manuals in .pdf format

Burgertime Arcade manual.pdf **

Burgertime Intellivision manual.pdf Burgertime Mattel Aquarius manual.pdf Burgertime Atari 2600 manual.pdf
Burgertime NES manual.pdf Burgertime AppleIIe manual.pdf Burgertime TI-99 manual.pdf  

 NOTE: All manuals scanned by me using a Xerox Work Center and Adobe Acrobat v5.0 unless otherwise noted!

**NOTE: This manual is not from my collection is was downloaded from ArcadeDocs.com so all credit and thanks go to them.

Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) must be viewed using the program Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from the Adobe website. Download Acrobat Reader...