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Author : PJ Crossley
Platform : PC
Release Date : 11/??/04
Status : Free Public Release

BurgerTime (freeware) (c)

Peter Pepper the chef moves around the screen walking over the parts of a hamburger. As each item is walked over it drops to the level below. Armed with pepper he can throw on his enemies, he must avoid Mr. Hotdog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Tomato Mr Pickle. Bonuses appear in the forms of Pepper,Coke, and french fries.


The object of the 8 level game is for Peter Pepper to assemble giant burgers without colliding with any pursuing hot dogs, eggs, pickles and Tomatoes. Peter Pepper has to climb up ladders and walk across ramps to get to each of the burger fixings which include buns, beef patties, lettuce leaves and sometimes tomato and cheese slices.

Another way Peter Pepper can stop his pursuers is by crushing them with one of the burger fixings. He does this by dropping it onto them whenever they walk under it.


Arrow Keys=movement

Ctrl throws Pepper


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