Burger Time


Burger Time--the 1980's classic arcade game returns and now you can order it for "Take Out" on your phone! You play the eccentric chef Peter Pepper, a short-order cook who makes giant burgers. Peter has a wild system of ladders and platforms to hold the burgers. You only need to walk all the way across a layer of the burger-makings to get it to fall down to the next platform. There are four parts to each tasty Hamburger (two buns, the meat and lettuce) and four sandwiches to make. This might sound simple but evil hot dogs and scrambled eggs are trying to stop you from completing your burgers. Don your chef's hat and take a deep breath, it's Burger Time!




User Guide in PDF format download HERE


Burger Time Burger Time Burger Time

 Burger Time Burger Time Burger Time

All Info and Pictures taken from Hudson Entertainment