It is legal for you to download a ROM if you already own the game in another form (like a cartridge, arcade machine/arcade board), or if the ROM is "public domain" or freely distributable, such as Vectrex games.  NEVER distribute any of these ROMs or Disk Images with emulators, and DO NOT try to sell ROMs or emulators for profit. We are not responsible for any system damage or loss of time these ROMs may cause.

Note: You will need a emulator to run these game roms.  Right now MAME is the best emulator out to run these games. You can find mame at these links below.

MAME Official Website:
MAME32 Official Website:


Name Of Arcade Game Rom Name Roms Size
Burger Time (Data East set 1) 21 Kb
Burger Time (Data East set 2)   3 Kb
Burger Time (Midway) 16 Kb
Cassette: Burger Time 20 Kb
Cassette: Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory (set 1) 22 Kb
Cassette: Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory (set 2) 18 Kb
Cook Race (Burgertime Clone) 24 Kb
Hamburger (Burgertime Clone) 23 Kb
Super Burger Time (Japan) 58 Kb
Super Burger Time (World) 567 Kb