Name: ckmontana is what I go by online.
Location: USA
Born: 19xx
email: Contact Me
Favorite Arcade Games: well duh... Burgertime ;-)  also ZooKeeper, Tapper, Pacman, Donkey Kong, Mr. Do, 10 Yard Fight, Crystal Castles, Xevious, Carnival, The Glob, Amidar, Asteroids,  Blue Print, Bubbles, Centipede, Dig Dug, Tron, Donkey Kong Jr., Galaga, Space Invaders, Joust, Mappy, Mario Bros., Ms. Pacman, Pole Position, Q-Bert, Rally X, Congo Bongo, Space Harrier, Time Pilot, Zaxxon. ( Yes I know there is allot here but hell the 80's had allot of cool Video games! ) 


Arcade Games I Own: Burgertime (Upright) 1982, Blue Print (Cocktail) 1982, Orbit (Upright) 1978, Punch-Out!! (Upright) 1984, Mega Zone (Upright) 1983, Battlezone (Upright) 1980. 


Favorite Game System: Atari 2600 and NES


Reason for Burgertime Website:  Well way back in Feb 1983 just 4 months after Burgertime was released.  I was lucky enough to play it for the first time in a local Game Room in my home town. (damn I miss those old style game rooms) OK back to my story.  I walked in 1 day after shoveling snow all morning and earning money to play some video games, and noticed a new game Burgertime.  So I figured I would give it a try.  Well after that first Quarter I WAS HOOKED!!!  I spent so many hours and days, weeks, months, playing that game I'm shocked it didn't blow up or something.  Well I became very good on it always getting High Score and anyone back in 80's knows High Score on a game meant you were a Video God of that game!  Of course there was many other games I would play that were also great, but no game could ever beat Burgertime in my opinion.  Then a very sad thing happen.  The Game Room I used to play so many fun hours of Burgertime closed down (late 1984), but thank god I was lucky to find a Store on other side of town that had it there.  The store was named Clarks, but yet again bad news came.  The Clarks store was going out of business (spring 1985).  So yet again I would be without my favorite game.  Over the years I would get lucky and find a Burgertime machine to play in other towns but never again would I be able to play it all the time like I used to.   That was till M.A.M.E. ( Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ) I found this emulator back in 1997 ( goto the website for more info on emulators and what MAME is).  So I was yet again able to play Burgertime anytime I wanted.  Then in 1997 I slowly started to collect info and pics to add to a new site I was planning on making Unofficial Burgertime Homepage.  Then 2 years later I opened the website, and slowly over the past couple years the site has grown.  After being on net a few years I started to look around for a Burgertime machine I could buy and call my own.  Well after 2 years of looking and many websites viewed funniest thing happened was talking with a guy and he told me just 10 minutes away from my house was this Antique Shop that was in a old barn, and way in the back kinda hidden was YES a Burgertime machine in very good condition.  Just sitting there waiting for me to buy it.   So for $150 (yes I know I got a deal) it was mine. :-)  That brings us to today.  I figured I would finally add a About Me page to the website.  I hope people enjoy my little rant about how I got into burgertime.   Well thanx for checking this out.  Catch-U-All-L8r