Interview with Bryan Wagner the Burgertime World Record Holder

January 17, 2005


Q> When did you first start playing video games?

A> In the late 70's at a local skating rink which is now gone.

Q> When was the first time you played burgertime?

A> Probably 1983 at a pizza joint called Loduca's in Lewisburg, PA. My parents would go to the flea market there and leave me to the games.

Q> Where did you break the record at?

A> All 3 times were at FUNSPOT in Weirs Beach NH. ( The third time I borrowed a ROM board from Greg Erway because Funspots Burgertime was not working.

Q> How long did it take you to reach the world record score on burgertime?

A> The third time took about 4hrs 20min.

Q> What was your final level you were on and what was your World Record score?

A> I made it to board 31 and almost grouped them. If I had, I probably would have gotten another 100,000 pts at least. The score was  8,417,500.

Q> How many weeks/months did you have to practice to get to where your at when you broke the record?

A> When I broke it the first time, I played EVERY day for 3 months. Then I took off about 4 months.

Q> What is your favorite all time video game?

A> Burgertime

Q> Do you own any full size arcade machines and if so what ones?

A> No. I'd like to pick up a Burgertime, Millipede and a High Speed pinball for my rec room. I did build a MAME machine though.

Q> What is your favorite Game system?

A> Atari 2600.

Q> Do you like Arcade games or home game consoles more?

A> Arcade

Q> If we can ask some personal info on you.  How old are you?  What do you do for a living?  Where are you from?

A> I'm 36, I work in the electrical field and have always lived in Central PA.

Q> When did you really start thinking or believing you might be able to go for a world record on burgertime?

A> After J.D. Lowe helped me download a recording from MARP. I didn't know how to group on #5 boards but I probably would have figured it out eventually.

Q> How did it feel when Billy Mitchell congratulate you on your World Record?

A> Good. Walter Day himself witnessed the game also. Actually, Billy was on a plane to Funspot and he congratulated me from the air.

Q> Are there any other games right now you have your eyes on trying to break the world record for?

A> Pengo.

Q> I'm sure you don't want to give away all your secrets on the game, but I was wondering is there maybe a hidden secret or something you could tell us that maybe alot of regular players of burgertime might know about the game?

A> You must have good grouping techniques and the patterns you run can't fall apart. Conserve peppers. When you are setting up your next drop, don't be moving all over the place. Just get to the drop and wait. Also, I would rather use an extra pepper to make the pack tight, then not and chance them drifting apart. Try to run your pattern so you get all the prizes.

Q> Is there anything I havenít covered you might like to talk about or add to this interview?

A> In order to practice higher levels I suggest playing on MAME and using the save state function so you can start on the board you want to practice. Of course, You have to get to that board first in order to save it. But if you do that, You should see an improvement.


I would like to know thank you for your time and for doing this interview itís been great to interview a true burgertime legend.  I hope we can keep in touch and learn more from you as time goes by.